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Hey u shud check out glitteralittle she is amazing! U won't regret it! And mine if u like, lou oloughli not the best like though hahah xoxox


Check them out if you please


Anonymous asked:

do you have any proof that mandy and maddi are not friends any more?


No, there’s no proof that they aren’t still in contact. In one of maddi’s Q & A’s that was posted at the end of April she said that they are still in contact,but they aren’t as close as they once were. Hope this helps!!

Hey guys here’s my first dupe of many!! These shadows are pretty close hope you like!! Send me products you’d like me to dupe in the future.

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Hey guys go ahead and send me confession on beauty gurus, on makeup, or even ask me makeup advice!! Thank you all so much for following, love you dolls xx 💖

Foundation for dry skin

I’ve gotten asked what foundation I recommend for dry skin several times so I thought I’d answer!! I recommend the garnier bb cream and the Loreal true match lumi, if you guys have any other makeup related questions feel free to ask!! Xx